Environment (PEFC)

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, easily identified as PEFC on a white and green label on PaperOne™ carton boxes, is an international non-profit and non-governmental organization that provides independent, third-party certifications to ensure the sustainable use of forest resources through:

Sustainable Forest Management certification
Recognises operations that maintain a forest's ecological, social and economic values.

Chain of Custody certification
Closely monitors each step of the supply chain, from forest to customer

PaperOne™ has attained both certifications, ensuring that PaperOne™ products come from legal, traceable and environment sustainable sources.

PEFC certification benefits both the environment and local communities by:

Preserving the biodiversity, productivity and regeneration capacities of forests and lands, maximising their potential to fulfill ecological, economic and social functions at every level without damaging other ecosystems.


Developing PEFC standards according to social, health and safety needs of communities, protecting workers' rights and encouraging local employment through the compliance of all International Labour Organisation conventions.

PEFC plays an important role in:
Promoting Sustainability

Upholds sustainable practices that do not compromise the needs of future generations.

Setting The Highest Standards

Recognised as an industry standard by governments and guarantee of sustainable forest management.

The World's Largest Forest Certification System

PEFC accounts for 2/3 of the world's forests and is recognised in more than 30 countries.

Building International Consensus

Accepted and acknowledged in both public and private sector procurement policies across the globe, and intergovernmental agreements.