PaperOne™ Story

Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary

PaperOne™  - providing you with professional print quality every step of the way to achieve your dreams and aspirations

Since its launch in 1998, PaperOne™ has grown to be the preferred paper sold in over 70 countries

PaperOne™, a premium quality paper brand designed for the most demanding high-speed printing and copying tasks, was launched by APRIL Group on 6 May 1998.

Determined to make PaperOne™ a clear industry leader, we benchmarked our home, office and commercial printing paper products against top international paper brands across all areas, including thickness, opacity and archival qualities. The moisture-proof wrappers of PaperOne™ products were meticulously designed, from the choice of colors and logo typeface to the strategic placement of product information. We also ensured that our PaperOne™ carton boxes would be reusable, ergonomic and lightweight.

PaperOne™ debuted in the most demanding international markets in 1998, launching in the USA, Europe and Japan. Today, our global brand PaperOne™ is sold in more than 70 countries, delivering consistent professional printing quality with minimal environmental impact.

In recognition of its environmental stewardship, APRIL Group was awarded the PEFC Sustainable Forest Management certification in June 2015 for making products from 100% renewable fibers and sustainable sources.